Coaching & Private Training

Provided online (skype) or organic (at customer location).

The Prime Love Services 2015 -2016 x 900.006

Systemic analysis, nature laws and principles, and archetypes knowledge applied to love relationships. Love relationship empowerment through heart based consciousness, awareness, prime self union and prime love making abilities.

  • Lovability Assessment: The ability to love at the first heart sight.
  • The 9 Elements Assessment: Empower your love relationship and your daily live through the activation of the 9 elements principles.
  • The Tree of Life Assessment: Organic natural development process empowered by the wisdom of the trees.
  • The Organic Life Cycle (Divine Cocreation) Assessment: Empower your love relationship, communication, collaboration, cocreation through the natural organic life cycle structure.
  • Divine Perception, Divine Action & Prime Love Making. Empowering Prime love relationships.
  • Life Process Assessment: Strategy design. A SWOT 9+ Analysis.
  • Emotional time, emotional decision making and emotional process management: ┬áTime Management to empower love relationships.
  • Vectorial Analysis of the Love Relationship: Empowering love relationships
  • Wealthability Assessment: The ability to care for/increase own wealth, (abilities, property, knowledge), care for peace, family, culture and heritage.
  • The 9 Prime Love Score Lines ( The 9 jewels of love, 9 dances of love, 9 development stages, 9 belts, 9 fields of love, 9 roses of love, 9 stages of prime language, 9 Golden spheres of love)








The return of the Gods & the Goddessess in Prime Self Union