Quick Sylver

The Prime Love Services 2015 -2016 x 900.008

The Quick Sylver Essential Valqyrie Training offers you foundation on prime love and prime love culture for women.

The complete Valqyrie Program offers 9 Belts (Modules) Training. The Quick Sylver focus on the first module, the white belt, only, but as well provides a complete introduction to prime love and prime love culture. It also includes BONUS modules dedicated to prime love applied in daily life. Self-coaching and self-assessment tools will be provided as well as tools for love relationship empowerment, communication, collaboration between male-female. These tools can be utilized for daily life, love relationships and business.

The Training is dedicated only to women.

e-Learning Platform

@ Trainengage, Valqyrie Quick Sylver e-Learning Program 

SERVICE Includes

  • e-Learning Materials
  • e-forum
  • e-workbooks
  • Review of e-publications: e-books, video presentations, webinars, video lessons.
  • Technical training: methods, tools, practices
  • Self-study methodology: learning by doing, by playing, by exploring, by self-experience, by creating.
  • Tasks, assignments, designed for practice, exploration, self-experience
  • Prime Love Gamified: Prime Love Game for learning



  • Prime Love
  • Prime Love based relationships
  • Prime Love Culture: a culture based on prime-love relationships, prime love making, conscious conception; family, community, culture, life care, peace and heritage.
  • The 9 Stages of Love and Prime Love Making.
  • Why Prime Love Making is not Tantra?
  • Love Relationship, Family, Conscious Conception & Community as a Spiritual Path.


  • The Valqyrie Program White Belt.
    • Prime Love in Praxis: Body, Heart, Soul and Prime Love Making.
    • Prime Breathing GYM 9 Training.
    • Prime Love Touch GYM 9 Training.
    • Prime Love Massage GYM 9 Training.
    • Prime Yoga: The Principles of Union (Yoga) Applied in Prime Love. www.prime-yoga.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info 
    • Lovability: The ability to love at the first sight.
    • Lovability GYM 9 Training.
    • The 9 Stages of Love: explained with exercises for self study.
    • 9 STAGES OF LOVE GYM 9 Training.
    • The Golden Sphere of Love: explained with exercises for self study.
    • The Golden Sphere of Love GYM 9 Training.


  • ENQUIRE:  The Deception of Tantra. The Prime Love Making Bridge into a spiritually responsible conscious love making practice dedicated to care for family, culture, life, peace and heritage. Review of tantra statements, guidelines, dogmas, practices and rules that have endanger culture, human species survival, heart based consciousness and union with source; and how to overcome and heal trauma, abuse and conditioning experienced at the un-responsible tantra circles and schools.
  • E-WORKBOOK:  Prime Love Making 9 Golden Guidelines
  • PRIME BREATHING : The Practice of Prime Yoga in Daily Life.
  • Introduction to the  9 ELEMENTS assessment tool for the empowerment of love relationships.
  • Introduction to the THREE OF LIFE assessment tool for the empowerment of love relationships.
  • Introduction to the MATRIX 9+ analysis for love relationships, the 9 Prime Love score lines and how to use them in order to empowerment your relationships.
  • INTRODUCTION TO THE VALQYRIE PROGRAM 9 BELTS detailed description of the training modules content and benefits.

(*) Service not included in the Introduction Module Fee


The return of the Gods & the Goddessess in Prime Self Union