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The Journey of the Prime Lover

The journey of the traveler 9

The traveler 1 have been all its life living a normal life, including a standard sexual life, and one day meet by the bliss of the gods and the goddesses in prime self union the traveler 3.

After a romantic and furtive encounter, the instensity of the love making sessions increased and the traveler 1 reached finally the state of sexual awakening. Its whole body felt the bliss of joyful sexuality and conscious heart based embrace.

After that season, even the traveler 3 was caring and in love from the traveler 2, the traveler 2 wished to explore … there are so many traveler 2, 3,4 and who knows maybe 9 to state. So the traveler 2 fascinated by a world of possibilities like a bee traveling from flower to flower, entered a stream that brought it to meet Miss Sexual addiction, Mr Multi-sex and other members of the high sexual society like Miss Poly, Miss Conscious-Orgasm, Mr Responsible and Mr Sex-aware.

The traveler 3, midwhile, left in his love, and consciousness rising embrace, felt used. Joyful that traveler 1 rised to traveler 2 stage, but sad to realize traveler 1 never ever loved traveler 3; as soon as traveler 1 shifted, did not care any more about traveler 3. Even along the relationship between both of them traveler 1 shared and gave so much love, as soon as the sexual awakening wave started, traveler 2 just had no more interest in traveler 3 any more.

This is the price of love? of being a lover? Traveler 3 asked itself for several seasons, one after one, all travelers 1 that apssed through traveler 3 heart, arms and love, that rised to traveler 2 state of sexual awareness, repeated the same pattern.

Is it maybe the state of sexual awareness travelers 1 have that imprint such a powerful pattern in them, triggered only when they reach traveler 2 stage?

The traveler 2 shared several times at its love circles: I spent all my life without the taste of love, i would have had along time ago a traveler 3 on my side, my life would have been so good.

Any case the traveler 3 was not any more on its side, traveler 2 left traveler 3 just after sexual awakening. Then, what about complained traveler 2?

Apparently traveler 2 are so fascinated and blinded by the love wave experience, that lost all interest in the core love individual that brought them there. Like a child in a candy store that forget the time, the commintments at school, the lunch, and even the store seller.

But did that also take place with traveler 3? traveler 3*  actually had another story, it experienced a self sexual awakening, not a solo sexual awakening as many would probably thing, but while making love, its own prime love core awakened. Shifted from traveler 1 to traveler 3 by its own, and bored by not finding another traveler 3, did welcome travelers 1, loved them, and the rest of the story we do know.

But one day, traveler 3 met traveler 5 ( what traveler 2 does at the moment is not any more to be told in this story). Traveler 5 seat with traveler 3, and took its hand. The most fascinating experience ever, traveler 3 was from one moment to the other ready for conception. How this could take place? Traveler 3 and traveler 5 went together to a special place, a garden where made love day and night. But the child never was conceived.

Traveler 3 fascinated by this quality of soul based love, expressed through a ful body heart, at the magic and sacred garden of the divine source of all that is has been and will be, losted perception of time.

One day travele 3 left the garden and looked itself into the mirror, to realize had grown old. But what a surprise, every one in town, friends and relatives, would tell to traveler 3 that looks so young, younger as of 27th and some times like 18th. Then the traveler 3 understood, it reached the self expression quality of traveler 5.

Traveler 5 waited for traveler 5 in the garden, when traveler 5 arrived, traveler 5 openned a secret entrance to another place that only through the sacred magic garden was possible to reach. But traveler 5 did not enter. Then it realized, was not yet a traveler 5 but a traveler 4.

The traveler 5 entered the gate and vanished. For following years the traveler 4 cared for all the flowers in the garden, and eventually will meet travelers 3, and bring to them by the sacred bliss of prime love.  Atthe 9th sun year, 9th mooon, 9th day 9th hour 9th minute the traveler 4 felt own heart trembling, just in that second, the 9th traveler 3 entered the garden. After a seacon of prime love making the traveler4 waited for the traveler 3 who left to the town. When traveler 3 came back the traveler 4 openned with the bliss of own heart the secrete gate of the sacred magic garden, and invited the traveler 3 to enter. But it did not, withot looking back the traveler 4 entered the gate, to reapear in another world as traveler 5.

For several eons, travelers have shared the art of prime love with each other, not only at one realm.

One day and one night, the traveler 6 was building within a dream own house, while at the tea time the traveler 5 asked at teh door for some tea.

The traveler 6 felt so grateful for having a visit. Along the time seating in front of each other in silence, deep silence, the traveler 6 read in the eyes of traveler 5 all about its journey and in a little instant, did choose the right tea for it; went to the kitchen, warmed the water to the right temperature, choose the right glass cup, filled it with tea and water, and brought it in own hands to the traveler 5. The traveler 5 observed carefully and in silence all of these events and stay in the prsence of own heart. The tea was there, the hand sof traveler 6 with the glas tea cup reached the hands of traveler 5, looking at each other directly into the eyes, the kiss of the divine inner most heart core of all that is has been and will be within own hearts.

9 eons later, the traveler 6 was building within a dream own house, while at the tea time the traveler 5 asked at teh door for some tea.

The traveler 8 visited this land look after a unique golden rose, living at the top of a mountain, next to a cliff, in front of the ocean, very close from a golden forest.  The traveler 8 has been traveling all the worlds looking for traveler 6. It was about to be 9 am and the traveler 8 entered the house of traveler 6 at 9 pm. For traveler 6 surprise, the traveler 8 was actually very familiar. They took their time to rest from the memories of love and by taking each other hands, walked together to the living room where they will find the traveler 6 and the traveler eight resting from the memories of love; then the four of them will walk to the kitchen to find the traveler 6 and the traveler 8 resting from the memories of love; then the six of them will walk to the bedroom, where they will find the traveler 8 and traveler 6 resting from the memories of love. Finally they 8 together will move back to the centre fire of the house, under the living tree of life, to make a circle of love around the traveler 7 borned.

In this story, the traveler 6 and traveler 8 became memories of the traveler 7, who went for a journey within own heart.

At the golden garden of love,  the traveler 7 instructed  travelers 9 on the art of prime love,  question after question, answer after answer, experience after experience, the traveler 7 entered deeper into the golden cacerola, and to be prepared as a meal for the gods and goddesses in prime self union.

After the meal, the traveler 7 realized to be reborned as traveler 8. From the travelers 9 we did not heard anything again. But traveler 8 decided to travel the world, until would find the golden rose of love, living at the top of a mountain, next to a cliff, in front of the ocean, very close from a golden forest.

One day or one night, the traveler 8 was preparing the watch alarm by choosing the right ring tone, at the right time, for it to be awakened. The traveler 8 went for a nap, in order to experience in own journey the life of the traveler 1. At the 9th sun of the 9th era, in the 9th quantumverse, the watch alarm sounded. The traveler 9th has awaken.

In this story every one travels.

One day the traveler 9 went for a long journey, when back here was no more, but every where the traveler 9+ is have been and will be, at the innermost preciouse scred heart core of all that is has been and will be within own heart(s).

May the innermost sound of the primordial heart’s core field of the the prime source force of all that is has been and will be , be with you! traveler of primordial love!

May the gods and goddesses in prime self union awaken back from, through and to their journey, may the dance of prime love start and end now! At the innermost heart’core of all that is have been and will be within own heart!