Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Background

  • Luis Time Line  www.time-line.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info
  • Peace Work: www.prime-peace.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info
  • Prime Tech Theta – Business Applications : www.prime-tech9.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info
  • Prime Yoga: www.prime-yoga.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info
  • Official site: www.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info


Hi, i am LUIS, I am a traveler and global citizen, spiritual teacher (Prime YogaPrime LovePrime Love Making Path 9 )

My current status: Peace worker and Business Consultant

What i did last 18 years:

  •  Living abroad traveling,
  • Created a new business and culture management consultancy system based on human self-awareness, consciousness, nature laws and nature based sustainable living models. Provided consultancy and training. coaching.
  •  Became a body artist, story teller, musician, performer and arts producer
  •  Author, with more than 100 publications (e-books format)
  •  Peace and human rights activist since 2012
  •  Created a new martial art, Prime Do, dedicated to non violence and peace
  •  Discovered i am a futurist, as for the nature of 30% of books i write.
  •  Teach a new form of yoga for our modern times, Prime Yoga, which actually is a very ancient for of yoga and meditation
  •  Became a spiritual teacher with spiritual projects, like a centre of yoga, meditation, life and culture care, a sustainable living centre and others.
  • Practiced prime love making, conscious heart based love foreplay and making
But one day, in 2015, my life changed!


When i realized that all i have been teaching since 1972, peace, life care, spiritual self-responsibility, heritage, family, love relationship, sustainable development, consciousness, self-awareness, heart based living, business management, meditation, yoga, consciouss meditative arts, all, absolutely all, need to be thought and can be thought in the field of consciouss love making. A field human kind needs so much to care of, the corner stone of human life, and the field where all that humanity needs can be learned, discovered, achieved.

I became a meditative conscious love making activist!, started to organize training and events for singles, empower couples.
Now, this is what i do, i am dedicated to love, started the “all you need is love campaign”and invite singles and couple to learn through the art of love making on peace, communication, collaboration, co-creation, life care, sustainable culture and its development, family, heritage, and all i have learned an thought in my life, before.
Created the Foreplay & Prime Love Making Society , Conscious Love making with the heart living community
Our events are dedicated to lovers and to singles to meet up and find a new love; for couples and parents to empower their love relationships, for lovers to love!The Meet ups are dedicated to explore conscious meditative love foreplay through the 9 Dances of Love, the 9 Stages of love, with the understanding that ALL WE NEED IS LOVE, in order to change our world, our life. There for we practice, with our heart, conscious love making.

The return of the Gods & the Goddessess in Prime Self Union